Holiday Season: Frenzy and Blues?

Business & Economics Department, Central Library,
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More and more these days I find myself pondering how to reconcile my net income with my gross habits.

John Nelson

This year, holiday sales will increase 3.7% to 630.5 billion averaging about $780 per person.

National Retail Federation/NRF

Taking on debt is an expensive shortcut to the uncertainty

Jorge P. Newbery

The highly commercialized season is upon us. In fact, it tends to come earlier and earlier – one of the largest retailers now has “Christmas in July” sales. The average credit card user pushes themselves about $1,000 into the red for the holidays, and it takes 5 months to pay that debt off. Frenzy seems to be unavoidable… Can your library help?

While putting this blog together, the Business & Economics collection was (superficially) examined. Similarly to retailers, we offer more books on advertising than on how to shop the smart way. How to maintain your reason amidst shopping frenzy? How to avoid the post-holiday blues?

Book Display

Skimming pages in call # 332.7 may help you accomplish the shopping you need to do without accumulating that awful holiday debt. The simplest advice is – always know how much money you have and shop within your means. Knowing your numbers will simplify your understanding of what is “shopping you need” – do you really NEED it? Do not overload your credit cards. Know what interest your credit card accumulates and only buy what you can pay within one month. If your credit card is not a reward/points- earning card, use your debit card instead.

Accept this.

  1. If you cannot pay for it is not for you.
  2. If you already have debt, you cannot shop. Period.

Your courage to do just that will be rewarded –no worries, no frenzy, no post-holiday blues.

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