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Nicholas Meyer and his latest novel, The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols
Daryl M., December 05, 2019

Nicholas Meyer is an award-winning author, screenwriter and director. His body of creative work in publishing, film and television spans more than five decades.

Author Christine Feret-Fleury and her latest novel, The Girls Who Reads on the Metro
Daryl M., November 21, 2019

Christine Feret-Fleury is an author based in France.

Clay McLeod Chapman and his latest novel, The Remaking
Daryl M., November 14, 2019

Clay McLeod Chapman is the creator of the storytelling session The Pumpkin Pie Show and the author of Rest Area,

Rin Chupeco and her new novel The Never Titling World
Kelli Lowers, November 26, 2019

Rin Chupeco has written obscure manuals for complicated computer programs, talked people out of their money at event shows, and done many other terrible things. She now writes about ghosts and fantastic worlds but is still sometimes mistaken for a revenant.

Kelli Estes and her latest novel, Today We Go Home
Daryl M., November 07, 2019

Kelli Estes lived in the deserts of eastern Washington state and Arizona before settling in the Seattle area, which she loves so much she plans to forever live near the water.

Scott Thomas and his latest novel, Violet
Daryl M., October 31, 2019

Scott Thomas’ debut novel, Kill Creek, is a classic “haunted house” updated for the 21st Century. It is also a love letter to the horror genre, its authors and readers.

Shaun Hamill and his first novel, A Cosmology of Monsters
Daryl M., October 24, 2019

Shaun Hamill is a native of Arlington, Texas. He holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and lives in the dark woods of Alabama with his wife, his in-laws, and his dog.

Jennifer Giesbrecht and her first book, The Monster of Elendhaven
Daryl M., October 17, 2019

Jennifer Giesbrecht is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia where she earned an undergraduate degree in history, spent her formative years as a professional street performer, and developed a deep and reverent respect for the oc

Rhys Thomas and his new novel, The Secret Life of Sam Holloway
Daryl M., October 10, 2019

Rhys Thomas is the author of The Suicide Club and On the Third Day. He lives in Cardiff, Wales, with his partner and three cats.

Indie Author Day 2019
Catherine Royalty, October 08, 2019

Cody Sisco is the author of the Resonant Earth series and the Managing Editor of BookSwell, a literary calendar and community hub for Los Angeles.