Gift of Materials

The Los Angeles Public Library appreciates the thoughtfulness and generosity of its patrons who gift materials to help build and strengthen our special collections.

If you have a historically significant photo, book, manuscript or other archival material that you believe would enhance our Library's special collections, please email us.

Due to space constraints and limited resources, we are unable to accept all materials offered to us.The Library reserves the right to transfer items to one of the Library's agencies, designate the item for book sale, or discard or recycle materials as necessary. If we are not the right home for your item, we will do our best to suggest possibilities you may pursue on your own.

Gifts of materials that are accepted by the Library become the sole property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor. Once the Library takes possession of an item, the Library is free to make all decisions in accordance with our policies and procedures with respect to storage, retention, processing, use and disposition of the item. Donors are granted the same rights to access and use of the materials as other members of the public.

The Library asks donors of materials for which the donors own the the copyright to transfer full copyright to the Library so the Library may make broad use of the materials in question.

The Library does not pay for appraisals of gifted materials, and is not responsible for reviewing or authenticating the validity of an appraisal. In general, appraisals should be completed before the donor transfers the property to the Library. Please refer to our Appraisals page for more information on rare books and appraisers.