Located on Level Two (L2) of the Goodhue Building: Department Map

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Teen'Scape is the young adult department at the Central Library, providing teens with a place of their own to work on computers, study, read, and relax.

Teen'Scape has a group study area and more than two dozen computers where teens can do research on library databases, work on homework, or access the internet. The department also has an outstanding collection that includes young adult fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, manga, test prep materials, college and career guides, Cliffs Notes, classic literature, popular magazines, books on CD, and DVDs.

Teen Web is designed especially for teenagers and provides easy access to the library’s most useful online resources for middle and high school students, as well as teen-oriented web links and homework help sites.


Schools, youth groups, and organizations are welcome to visit Teen’Scape and Central Library. Teen’Scape can accommodate groups of teens, introduce library research skills, or provide Teen’Scape tours. Please call at least three weeks ahead to schedule a class visit.

Groups and classes desiring only a tour of Central Library, including a walk-through of Teen’Scape, should contact the Docent’s Office at 213-228-7168.

Groups interested in a Teen’Scape orientation and/or research instruction should contact a Teen’Scape librarian at 213-228-7290. A tour of Central Library may also be arranged as a portion of this visit if desired.

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