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Vi Ha, Librarian III, Octavia Lab


The holiday tree in the Central Library Rotunda

Ornament Making in the Octavia Lab

December 03, 2019

Each December we face a design challenge of decorating a 15-foot noble fir tree in the Central Library’s rotunda.

close up to the gumball machine in the octavia lab

Turn the Knob: Find Inspiration

June 10, 2019

Looking for Inspiration for a project? Need a good fortune to help you out on a bad day?

drawing of Octavia Butler

On Persistence: Octavia E. Butler & Central Library

June 11, 2019

“Habit is persistence in practice.”—Octavia E. Butler

sunrise graphic with book

Teen Love for the Central Library

April 05, 2018

There is a strong cadre of teenagers that love the Central Library. Teens get the same wow factor of seeing the building and also thinking about how this space is built to store and share knowledge, learning, and books.

Roger Arst's photography class, Birmingham High School, 2002

Helping Students Succeed

February 13, 2017

Much has been studied on mindset and how depending upon how one chooses to experience life, one can change how successful one can be.

Chinatown in the seventies.


December 04, 2015

My parents worked in the garment industry. My father started out doing bespoke suits in the 1970s and had to constantly reinvent his career as the clothing tastes changed.

Surfer Beetle

World Water Day, Innovation, and Southern California

March 31, 2015

World Water Day was celebrated this past March 22. It is a day created in 1993 by the UN to bring light the importance of water to life among people. This year’s celebration was dedicated to Water and Sustainable Development.


November 10, 2014

Recent conversations with the teenagers that visit Teen’Scape revolved around the history of words.

A picture with teens at the Teen'scape department

Low Tech Supplies, High Tech Concepts with STEAM Programs in Teen'Scape

September 16, 2013

I had a friend once explain to me that there are basically two ways to learn about the world: one method is to take it apart into parts, a destructive method and the other way is to experience wholly and to make models of our experiences.