Adult Library Card Pre-Registration

Patrons under 18 year old must use the Youth/Teen Form.

This will pre-register you for a card. You have 15 days to pick up your library card at any library location. If you completed this form in the library, please visit the circulation desk to receive your card now. Be prepared to show identification at the time you pick up your card.

First Name:
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*Submission of e-mail address will result in notifications when items are due, when they are overdue, and when items placed on hold are available for pick-up.

I accept responsibility for all materials charged to this card with or without my consent. I agree to observe all library rules; to promptly pay all charges; and to notify the library of any changes to this information.

I understand that all library materials, including books, audiovisual items, electronic databases and the Internet (World Wide Web), are available to all library users. I understand that I am responsible for my child's use of all library materials, including the Internet.