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Start Your Small Business at the Library!

May 07, 2019

Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own business? Have you been unsure where to start or what kind of business would be right for you? Do you already have a business and are looking for new ways to reach your customers or simplify your procedures?

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Fight Back Against Fraud With the Library

April 16, 2019

Have you heard of the “Health Jolting Chair”? What use would you have for a “Lung Expander” or an “Ozone Generator”? Would you trust an “Electric Girdle for Men”?

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Kanopy for Business at the Los Angeles Public Library

October 06, 2017

If you can’t find a business, finance or economics DVD at the Los Angeles Public Library to your liking, try the library’s newest e-media offering, Kanopy.

The Cost of Holiday Gifts Over Time

December 12, 2016

Consumers plan to spend an average of $935.58 during the 2016 holiday shopping season according to the National Retail Federation’s annual consumer spending survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.  Total holiday spending includes gifts for others, self-spending,

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Holiday Season: Frenzy and Blues?

November 25, 2016

More and more these days I find myself pondering how to reconcile my net income with my gross habits.

Money Mysteries

Money Mysteries: Or why is there an eyeball on the dollar bill?

June 22, 2015

Who’s the guy on the old $10,000 note (Salmon Chase, note no longer printed)?  Is America on the gold standard (NO, not since June 1933)?  What’s the origin of the term “greenback” (a U.S.

Tax Forms

Tax Days in the Business & Economics Department

April 05, 2013

The Business and Economics Department continues to serve patrons who do not do their Federal and State taxes electronically by offering paper distribution of Federal and California Tax Forms, Instructions, and Publications.