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local pop star Billie Eilish

The Life and Music of Billie Eilish: A Micro Review

Billie Eilish is a new, upcoming artist raved about by many teens. Born and raised in Highland Park, California, Eilish always has been into music since she was very young. She was raised under a very musical and creative household where her talent and creativity were nurtured. She did dance for most of her life and finds her voice and inspiration through dance. For some music videos like “Ocean Eyes”, she performed dance sequences to really make her song come alive. In addition to dance, she loves horseback riding; she once worked at a ranch so she could take riding lessons.


Love and Gelato book and its author

Love & Gelato

To fulfill her dying mother’s wish, Lina finds herself in Tuscany for the summer, where she gets to know the father who has been absent her whole life. Leaving behind her grandmother and best friend in Seattle, Lina sets out on a journey of discovery and meets her father Howard, who strangely... Read Full Review


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