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Design for the 2019 L.A. Zine Fest by artist Sophia Zarders

Celebrate Zines With L.A. Zine Fest and the Library!

Zine Fests are large, free to attend, typically one-day events, where zinesters, people who make zines, gather from all over the world to sell and trade their zines and related merch. Zines (derived from the word magazines/fanzines) are do-it-yourself publications that can be on a wide range of topics. Items you may find for purchase on a zinester’s table besides zines include prints, pins, stickers & other cool zine swag. Zine Fests on the West Coast go as far back as 2001 with the Portland Zine Symposium. L.A.


Love and Gelato book and its author

Love & Gelato

To fulfill her dying mother’s wish, Lina finds herself in Tuscany for the summer, where she gets to know the father who has been absent her whole life. Leaving behind her grandmother and best friend in Seattle, Lina sets out on a journey of discovery and meets her father Howard, who strangely... Read Full Review


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