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National Tell a Joke Day: Library Edition

What is the tallest building in the world? The library, because it has the most stories. Happy National Tell a Joke Day!

Whether it's telling your favorite joke, watching your favorite rom-com, or listening to stand up comedy, nothing brightens up your day better than a good laugh. Another great source for lighthearted humor is literature! Unfortunately though, like most entertainment spaces, the comedy industry lacks diversity. So to celebrate laughter this year, we wanted to create a booklist to highlight published comedians of color available here at the library.

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Have Your Say...

The theme for Summer Reading program is "Reading Takes you Everywhere" Where would you like to go this summer?

Where my imagination takes me
12% (28 votes)
Vacation overseas
11% (27 votes)
Hanging out with friends or family
11% (26 votes)
Make memes
10% (24 votes)
Amusement parks
8% (20 votes)
To the beach
7% (16 votes)
Work on my new YouTube Channel
7% (18 votes)
Inside a good book
6% (15 votes)
Visiting the National Parks or local parks
5% (13 votes)
My local library
5% (12 votes)
Historical places in the city of Los Angeles
3% (7 votes)
Visit a local shop and imagine new outfits
2% (6 votes)
Visit all the Boba shops in my neighborhood
2% (5 votes)
Tourist spots
1% (3 votes)
My favorite restaurant
1% (3 votes)
A visit to a local gallery or museum
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 226
Thank you for voting.