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Bruno Mars has been a major figure in shaping music of the 2010s, providing catchy pop tracks that also blend in some funk, R&B, rock, and soul: a mainstream artist that made three massively popular albums in the last decade with hits such as 24K Magic, Just the Way You Are, and When I Was Your Man. Despite playing a colossal role in the music industry, he doesn’t make yearly releases and hasn’t really showcased any large projects or future albums.

What started off as three singles spread out across 2021 became the long-awaited album released on November 12, 2021 titled An Evening With Silk Sonic. Now most likely, a vast majority of music lovers already know who Bruno Mars is. But Anderson Paak is the hidden gem of this album. Anderson Paak has been working on albums since 2014, a little bit later than Bruno, focusing more on hip hop. He’s pretty much flown under the radar, garnering a fraction of the listeners Bruno has, but he has made some great tracks that are also worth a listen.

With these singles, it was clear that the rest of the album was bound to be a musical masterpiece, and it sure did that. There is not a single bad song on the album, but there are certainly some tracks that shine above the others. The tracks share a major theme of romance, even telling a story through music. The first three single tracks are the highlights of this album, with "Skate" and the other two tracks showcasing upbeat and catchy vocals. Despite this shared theme within the album, some tracks do stand out and give the album more variety in how it sounds. "Put on a Smile" is a melancholic track that still manages to blend in the upbeat groove and energy of the album. "777" is a more aggressive track in terms of vocals and instruments, but stays funky and groovy throughout.

This album has wonderfully crafted pieces of music with a vintage influence on the vocals and instruments. Rich in tone and passion, the singles make for an astonishing listening experience that gives you the fresh influence of Paak, as well as the melodious vocals of Bruno Mars. This has led many people, including me, to discover Anderson Paak’s music. If you haven’t listened to the album, give it a listen, get a nice hot drink, and enjoy An Evening With Silk Sonic.

—Written by Yves Mojica

Yves enjoys listening to rock/indie music, playing bass guitar, learning to program, and watching dark or thriller shows.

—Michael Baradi, YA Librarian, Mid-Valley Regional Branch

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