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three teens at the library

Teens Leading Change: Unity in Bloom - Beautifying Our Block

February 21, 2024

In this year's TLC project, our focus is on library beautification. As teens, our motivation for undertaking this project lies in recognizing that libraries are vital community spaces.

handmade dog puppets

Teens Leading Change: Platt’s Paw Protectors: Making a Paws-itive Change

February 14, 2024

Our project aims to help raise awareness for shelter animals in our city. We will host multiple events this season that involve creativity and learning for patrons to get inspired and help our cause.

a smiling teen in a garden

Teens Leading Change: Introducing Teens Recycling for Change

February 07, 2024

Hello from Memorial Branch Library, where we are working on a TLC project we've dubbed Teens Recycling for Change! We picked this topic because we noticed that Earth was being neglected.

Victoria M. and her cute poodle

Teens Leading Change: Introducing Platt's Paw Protectors

January 16, 2024

The topic that our group chose for this year's project is raising awareness about shelter animals and protecting animals of all shapes and sizes. The teens in our group felt this topic was very important because of the number of pets and animals people own daily.

Girl in a library in Africa

Empowering Through Literature: My Journey With the African Library Project

August 18, 2023

My name is Nysha Prasad, and I am a sophomore at Taft Charter High School. Since last year, I have been volunteering at the Woodland Hills Library. There's something truly magical about the world of books, isn't there?

Photo collage of past invention ideas and creative art ideas

No Failure of the Imagination: Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones on the Road to Invention

August 11, 2023

Next year, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the L.A. Public Library will unveil a new project titled No Prior Art.

close up of a bee with large sac of pollin on a flower

Teens Leading Change: Platt’s Pollinator Protectors Update

June 08, 2023

My name is Aiden Lopez, and I am a freshman at El Camino Real Charter High School. Since January, I have been volunteering at the Platt Branch Library alongside our young adult librarian, Jennifer Watson.

3 teens looking at their phones in a park

Palms and Playa Vista TLC: The Impact of Social Media on Teenage Mental Health: Understanding the Positive and Negative Effects

May 03, 2023

My name is Angelina Chow, and as a Public Health Ambassador for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), I have received specialized training on timely COVID-19 health and safety information, as well as access to important public health information and resources to share as a community

close up of a bee with large sac of pollin on a flower and colorful painted rocks

Teens Leading Change: Platt’s Pollinator Protectors Update

April 05, 2023

As part of the Los Angeles Public Library’s Teens Leading Change initiative at the Platt Library, a group of devoted volunteers has brought awareness to the dwindling species of pollinators that are vital to our ecosystem.

Polluted Beach with a piece of driftwood that reads, Save the Earth

Teens Leading Change: Investigating the Triple Planetary Crisis

March 15, 2023

The triple planetary crisis, consisting of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, are rapidly developing issues that are proving detrimental to our environment. Across the globe, biodiversity has been declining at an alarming rate, largely due to human activities that impact our surroundings.