Turn the Knob: Find Inspiration

Vi Ha, Senior Librarian, International Languages Department,
close up to the gumball machine in the octavia lab
Gumball machine in the Octavia Lab

Looking for Inspiration for a project? Need a good fortune to help you out on a bad day?

Come visit the Octavia Lab where we have your inspiration and motivation needs covered. There is a gumball machine filled with slips of paper fortunes and project inspirations that involve the equipment in the Octavia Lab.

the gumball machine in the octavia lab

Some projects involve telling stories. Other projects focus on building crafts for loved ones. All of the projects can be done in the Octavia Lab and the staff there will be able to guide you on getting started and finishing.

The quotes are all from the wisdom of Octavia E. Butler. The gumball machine is decorated with oak leaves and the capsules are called acorns, in honor of her book Parable of the Sower.

animated gif of one of the acorns being opened

Come down to the Octavia Lab and get a piece of inspiration.