Tori Holder and her zine, Sorry For The Inconvenience
Angi Brzycki, March 26, 2021

Tori Holder is an illustrator and comics artist from Los Angeles, CA. Her work deals with capturing the beautiful mundanities of everyday life through image and text. Her works include Sorry For The Inconvenience and Relationshit, among others.

Author Tracy Park and her zine, MomBlob's Guide to Giving Birth
Angi Brzycki, March 12, 2021

Tracy Park is a freelance animation producer, artist, and zinester who has been fortunate to call Los Angeles her home for the last 15 years. She is the proud daughter of Korean immigrants and the proud but exhausted mother of two spirited children.

Suzy González and her zine, Xicana Vegan
Angi Brzycki, February 26, 2021

Suzy González is an artist, zinester, curator, and educator based in San Antonio, TX. She has exhibited, attended residencies, and curated exhibits across the country.

Mick Washington and her two zines, This Is My First Diary Comic and This Is My Second Diary Comic
Angi Brzycki, January 21, 2021

Mick Washington is a 22-year-old comics artist from Dallas, Texas. As a member of an art collective called the Iguana House, they help put on live music shows and comic readings.

Linda Leigh and her zine, Life is a Bus, Enjoy the Ride
Angi Brzycki, November 18, 2020

Linda Leigh has been a grateful Street Symphony Fellow since 2018, as well as a proud member of the Urban Voices Project Choir since 2016. Linda is additionally regarded as an honored and revered elder amongst the Skid Row advocacy and artistic communities.

Chris O'Leary and his zine, FatBoy
Angi Brzycki, August 18, 2020

Chris O'Leary is a Creative based in London. Currently working in Music he's also the creator of FatBoy Zine, a publication and platform which looks at Asian food, identity, and culture.

Bronwyn Mauldin and her collection of zines
Angi Brzycki, August 11, 2020

Bronwyn Mauldin is a zine maker and writer. She is the creator of the Democracy Series which is available in bookstores and libraries across the US. She’s also the author of the novel Love Songs of the Revolution and short story collection The Streetwise Cycle.

Author Lexis-Olivier Ray
Angi Brzycki, August 04, 2020

Lexis-Olivier Ray is a multimedia journalist, filmmaker, zine maker, and artist currently based in Los Angeles. In the past year, he has created content for KCET, L.A. Taco, Road Trippers, Leafly, Atlas Obscura, and Hyper Allergic.

Eunsoo Jeong and her current zine
Angi Brzycki, July 28, 2020

Eunsoo Jeong is an artist, color designer, illustrator, animator living in Los Angeles. Koreangry is a comic/zine series based on her daily struggle as a Korean-American immigrant woman.

Collage of zines
Angi Brzycki, July 21, 2020

Independent, non-commercial, and often handmade magazines have been around long before 2011 when Alex Wrekk designated July as International Zine Month. A well-known zinester, Wrekk, also specified July 21 as International Zine Library Day.