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Cristian Castelo and his zine, Wild
Angi Brzycki, October 18, 2021

Cristian Castelo is a cartoonist operating out of Daly City, California. He has been self-publishing his series Wild for a couple of years now, which he has slung at comic festivals like Seattle Short Run, Comics Art LA/Brooklyn, and the Vancouver Art Book Fair.

Zine author, Suemi Guerra and her zine, Suicidal Goldfish
Angi Brzycki, September 29, 2021

Suemi Guerra is an educator and zinemaker. She is also the author of the fictional zine, Suicidal Goldfish. She is currently working on the fiction zine Las Fakes.

Marlee Grace and her zine, Getting to Center: Pathways to Finding Yourself Within the Great Unknown
Angi Brzycki, August 13, 2021

Marlee Grace is a dancer and writer whose work focuses on the self, devotion, ritual, creativity, and art-making. Her practice is rooted in improvisation as a compositional form that takes shape in movement videos, books, quilting, online courses, and hosting artists.

Zine author, Yeiry Guevara and her zine, Vos Cipota
Angi Brzycki, August 06, 2021

Yeiry Guevara is a writer, translator, multimedia artist, and arts administrator. She has been published in Texas Monthly, VICE, and Remezcla with several gallery exhibitions in New York and Texas. She has also presented at the L.A. Times Festival of Books, L.A.

Zine author, Sanaa Khan and her zine, The Many Ways of The Potato
Angi Brzycki, July 16, 2021

Sanaa Khan is from the Bay Area. She produces her own art and helps bring other folks' projects to life (through Tiny Splendor Press (TSP) and Max's Garage Press (MGP) in Berkeley with her partner Max Stadnik).

Yumi Sakugawa and her zine, I Think I am in Friend-Love With You
Angi Brzycki, July 09, 2021

Yumi Sakugawa is a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist, and the author of several published books including I Think I am in Friend-Love With You: Your Ill

collage of queer zine covers
Ziba Perez, June 01, 2021

Every year in June the City of Los Angeles celebrates Pride Month. 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of L.A. Pride. This year, in the spirit of celebrating Pride month through queer zines, I asked Maira McDermott of Bay Area Queer Zine Fest some questions.

Russell Quinn and his zine Linda & Joan Zine: Issue 1
Angi Brzycki, May 14, 2021

Russell Quinn is an artist, designer, and programmer. He works independently as False Vacuum. Russell left the UK in 2005 and has lived in Denmark, Switzerland, and rural California. He is currently based in Los Angeles.

From left Andrea Quaid, Katelynn Perez, Maximus Oppenheimer, Selene Castañeda, and Elizabeth Crawford and zine, Crystalline Children: An Excavation
Angi Brzycki, April 23, 2021

Originally from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City, Elizabeth Crawford came to Los Angeles four and a half years ago. Elizabeth is a Middle and High School librarian and the program coordinator for Humanities in the City.

Writer Alice Wynne and her zines, Face Value and Digital Demigod
Angi Brzycki, April 16, 2021

Alice Wynne is a Los Angeles based zinester and writer. Alice loves coffee, community, learning stories, and researching.