Interview With a Zine Maker: Linda Leigh of Skid Row Zine

Angi Brzycki, Senior Librarian, Digitization & Special Collections,
Linda Leigh and her zine, Life is a Bus, Enjoy the Ride
Linda Leigh and her zine, Life is a Bus, Enjoy the Ride

Linda Leigh has been a grateful Street Symphony Fellow since 2018, as well as a proud member of the Urban Voices Project Choir since 2016. Linda is additionally regarded as an honored and revered elder amongst the Skid Row advocacy and artistic communities. As a member of LACAN's (Los Angeles Community Action Network) and Downtown Women's Action Coalition, Linda was instrumental in helping to develop and administer Skid Row's Women's Survey Project and Wellness Program.

She is part of the Food and Wellness Collaboration that co-authored communications to Sacramento legislators on behalf of underserved communities across California. As a member of LACAN's Food and Wellness Collaboration, Linda helped restore Skid Row's rooftop garden, via which fresh produce is grown and provided to low-income individuals and families across Los Angeles County. For these and many other contributions, Linda received LACAN's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Since 2014, Linda has also been an esteemed leader, mediator, and teacher at Skid Row's Studio 526, a safe place for visual and musical artists in the Skid Row community to pursue their talents, to collaborate, and to build community with each other. Studio 526 was instrumental in Linda's development as an aficionado zine enthusiast enjoying zine Fests and a guest at several readings and other events.

Book cover for Life is a Bus, Enjoy the Ride
Life is a Bus, Enjoy the Ride
Leigh, Linda

When did you first discover zines?

I discovered zines while I was a member at Studio 526. We had these wonderful teachers Tracey and Ivy who introduced a group of us to the wonderful unending world of zine making. This was the beginning of Skid Row Zines.

How did you get interested in making zines? What was your first zine about?

Our first zine was a group zine and several artists participated with either artwork or poetry. some artists contributed both; it was very successful. Everyone who created that zine gained a sense of pride.

Have you participated in Zine fests?

I have participated in several zine fests, with several members who go every year.

It's become a core group of us that get to meet other artists creating some amazing works. The response has been really encouraging, everyone is so welcoming and interested in artists from the Skid Row Community.

What kind of responses have you gotten from your zines?

Most of the artists from our community have sold out at these events. We've also had the opportunity to read our poems and the response has been extremely positive.

Why do you think zines are important?

The importance of zines aide you in connecting with fellow zinesters and create a positive image for the Skid Row Community.

How do you feel about SRZ available at the library for patrons to check out?

They should be in the library so that the larger community can see what a zine looks like and hopefully, the library will continue to offer classes in zine making. This gives people a chance to create something new and personal. Kids and teens love projects like this.

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