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Four teen volunteers hold up their certificates next to librarian
Guest Blogger, June 12, 2024

Throughout my childhood, I have always been invested in trying to find a way to help the earth and renourish our universal home. When I found out about the Teens Leading Change program, I was able to connect with other amazing young people with the same aspirations and goals.

teen girl hands clasped looking up in thought
Guest Blogger, May 29, 2024

The teenagers of the Westwood Teens Leading Change (TLC) are a passionate group of middle and high school students dedicated to making a difference by empowering teenagers to take the lead in creating positive changes, fostering resilience, and supporting mental well-being among peers.

Platt Branch teen volunteers
Guest Blogger, April 03, 2024

Platt’s Paw Protectors aims to raise awareness about shelter animals and the proper ways to care for them, therefore helping to prevent the mistreatment of shelter animals.

chainlink fence with a sign that reads drug free gun free school zone
Guest Blogger, March 06, 2024

The Teen Council at the Los Feliz Branch Library chose to explore violence in schools for our Teens Leading Change (TLC) project. While brainstorming a topic, members of our group spoke about an incident that occurred on campus at school.

three teens at the library
Guest Blogger, February 21, 2024

In this year's TLC project, our focus is on library beautification. As teens, our motivation for undertaking this project lies in recognizing that libraries are vital community spaces.

handmade dog puppets
Guest Blogger, February 14, 2024

Our project aims to help raise awareness for shelter animals in our city. We will host multiple events this season that involve creativity and learning for patrons to get inspired and help our cause.

teens watching a gardner looking at native plants
Guest Blogger, February 28, 2024

Hi! We are Zoey, Piper, and Isabella from Palisades Charter High School and the Palisades Library Teen Council Board. We all enjoy learning about biology and the world around us.

a smiling teen in a garden
Guest Blogger, February 07, 2024

Hello from Memorial Branch Library, where we are working on a TLC project we've dubbed Teens Recycling for Change! We picked this topic because we noticed that Earth was being neglected.

Victoria M. and her cute poodle
Guest Blogger, January 16, 2024

The topic that our group chose for this year's project is raising awareness about shelter animals and protecting animals of all shapes and sizes. The teens in our group felt this topic was very important because of the number of pets and animals people own daily.

Girl in a library in Africa
Guest Blogger, August 18, 2023

My name is Nysha Prasad, and I am a sophomore at Taft Charter High School. Since last year, I have been volunteering at the Woodland Hills Library. There's something truly magical about the world of books, isn't there?