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Leon Fleisher's album cover Piano Works for the Left Hand
Keith Chaffee, July 23, 2018

Leon Fleisher was born on July 23, 1928. Fleisher is a pianist who specialized for many years in music written to be played using only the left hand.

Collage of Linda Ronstadt's album covers
Keith Chaffee, July 16, 2018

Linda Ronstadt was born on July 15, 1946. Ronstadt was one of the major pop/rock singers of the 1970s and 1980s, who explored a wide range of styles and genres, almost always to critical acclaim.

man and two dogs in a car
Eileen Ybarra, July 12, 2018

Summer is in full swing and I know I like to visit friends and family during this time of year by taking long road trips up and down the California coast. I enjoy the drive, and what I especially enjoy is having plenty of time to listen to some of my favorite music.

Bela Fleck playing his banjo and collage of his album covers
Keith Chaffee, July 09, 2018

Béla Fleck was born on July 10, 1958. Fleck is a virtuoso banjo player who has taken the instrument far beyond the expected bluegrass and folk music.

3 pictures of Nguyen Tran
Wendy Westgate, July 06, 2018

Meet Nguyen Tran - the unlikely banana suit-wearing, Virginia born, culturally confused Vietnamese-American son of Vietnam War refugees who settled in Dallas, TX. There, he worked at a dot.com before the first internet bubble burst.

Leoš Janáček and his hand drawn composition
Keith Chaffee, July 02, 2018

Leoš Janáček was born on July 3, 1854. Janáček began composing in his late teens, but most of his major works were composed in the last decade of his life.

Composer Bernard Herrmann and album covers of his film scores.
Keith Chaffee, June 25, 2018

Bernard Herrmann was born on June 29, 1911. Herrmann's career as a film composer began with Citizen Kane and ended with Taxi Driver.

Collage of Cyndi Lauper's music
Keith Chaffee, June 18, 2018

Cyndi Lauper was born on June 22, 1953. Lauper is a singer/songwriter who brought quirky style, a powerful voice, and a playful attitude to the pop charts in the early 1980s.

Collage of 2008's top musical album covers
Keith Chaffee, June 11, 2018

The world of pop music was rather scattered in 2008, with no single artist, song, or album dominating the year. Thirty-seven different albums made it to the top of the charts that year, with none of them spending more than three weeks at #1.

Photo of Prince and his album cover of 1999
Keith Chaffee, June 04, 2018

On June 7, 1958, Prince was born. For 35 years, Prince was one of the most critically respected musicians in pop music; in the 1980s and early 1990s, he dominated the pop and R&B charts in a way that very few have.