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Daniel Tures, Adult Librarian, Frances Howard Goldwyn - Hollywood Regional Library

photo of Daniel Tures

cover art for Plots Unlimited

Plots Unlimited! NaNoWriMo

November 13, 2019

It’s National Novel Writing Month. Austen did it, Melville did it, Faulkner did it, and you can do it too! Fortunately, writing a novel is a piece of cake. Sure you could do it the hard way as the heavy hitters do.

3 spooky book covers

Spooky Old Books of Hallowe’en

October 16, 2019

Tis the season for spooky old books, and one of my very favorites is a hidden gem—Ruth Edna Kelley’s The Book of Hallowe’en (1919).

Lobby card from the original 1939 release of The Wizard of Oz featuring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley and Bert Lahr

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, Oh My!

August 15, 2019

Once upon a time in Hollywoodland, 80 years ago today, The Wizard of Oz had its Hollywood Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.