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21st Century Kids: Travel Through Time

Mona Gilbert, Children's Librarian, Northridge Branch Library,
Young person in time travel adventure

The fantasy of manipulating time is a theme in many books for kids. It would be amazing to travel back in time and make different decisions that impact the future. This time travel journey is possible through books, as creative authors can transport a reader to the past, present and future. Even if you are not a fan of science fiction, the trip is worth taking. Here are some books that will move you beyond the present and into another time dimension.

"Have you ever heard of the theory of relativity?" Artemis blinked. "Is this a joke? I have traveled through time, Doctor. I think I know a little something about relativity." —Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl:The Last Guardian

Time Travelling Fun

Cleopatra in Space: Book One, Target Practice
Maihack, Mike

The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens
Clark, Henry

The Mona Lisa Key
Shurtliff, Liesl

The Time Museum
Loux, Matthew

The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Greece: A Handbook for Time Travelers
Stokes, Jonathan W.

Abraham Lincoln, Pro Wrestler
Sheinkin, Steve

Time Tracers: The Stolen Summers
Bondor-Stone, Annabeth

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices From a Medieval Village
Schlitz, Laura Amy

Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom!
Fleming, Candace

A Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity
Valentine, Nicole