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Children authors working at Los Angeles Public Library
Shanna Kim, June 09, 2021

Here at the Los Angeles Public Library, our staff members don't just work with books—they write them, too! I had the honor of interviewing these three wonderful authors at our library who write books for children.

Kids dress in pirate clothes enjoying seafaring adventures while floating in a dinghy
Mona Gilbert, June 08, 2021

What could be a better adventure than sailing the high seas? In many stories, the sea and its unpredictability add excitement to a tale.

BioBlitz header
Vivienne Byrd, June 08, 2021

Biodiversity is short for biological diversity. The term refers to the variety of living things on Earth, and their interactions with each other and their environments—this is extremely important to humans.

Albert Van Luit Building, front entrance
Kelly Wallace, June 07, 2021

Los Angeles has over 1,200 Historic-Cultural Monuments, yet only a dozen have been designated because of their association with the LGBTQIA community.

Collage of films adapted from books on LGBTQIA themes
Elizabeth Graney, June 04, 2021

Happy Pride Month! Observed each June to honor the Stonewall Uprising, LGBTQIA Pride Month is a celebration of the LGBTQIA community, their contributions to our history and culture, and their continued fight for equality and visibility.

Van de Kamp's billboard
Tina Lernø, June 04, 2021

Dollars to Donuts It's National Doughnut Day! Another National Holiday, another rabbit hole of information for me to jump into. The first Friday in June is officially known as National Donut Day, and here's some history about our favorite morning coffee companion.

Author Ryan La Sala and his latest novel, Be Dazzled
Daryl M., June 03, 2021

Ryan La Sala grew up in Connecticut, but only physically.

Kukl and their album The Eye
Aaron M. Olson, June 02, 2021

Before the genre-defying, cutting-edge, affect-inspiring, singer-songwriter-composer-producer-actor extraordinaire mononymously known as Björk became a household name across the globe, she was the singer in an Icelandic alternative

collage of queer zine covers
Ziba Perez, June 01, 2021

Every year in June the City of Los Angeles celebrates Pride Month. 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of L.A. Pride. This year, in the spirit of celebrating Pride month through queer zines, I asked Maira McDermott of Bay Area Queer Zine Fest some questions.

LA National Cemetery
Linda Rudell-Betts, May 27, 2021

My father was a Cold War military cryptographer. My family had the privilege of moving from post to post with him.