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Caldecott winners: Yuko Shimizu, Noa Denmon, Cozbi A. Cabrera, Cindy Derby, and Michaela Goade
Mara Alpert, March 19, 2021

History was made during the announcement of the American Library Association’s Youth Media Awards on January 25, 2021. One award, in particular, presented several historic firsts. That award? The Randolph Caldecott Medal, which is awarded for the most distinguished American picture book for children.

Author Sylvain Neuvel and his latest novel, A History of What Comes Next
Daryl M., March 18, 2021

Sylvain Neuvel is the author of The Themis Files trilogy and the novella The Test.

Young girl investigating photos with magnifying glass.
Mona Gilbert, March 16, 2021

Historical mysteries are a unique genre, as they combine the intrigue of a mystery along with a specific time period in the past. Readers of this exciting genre are treated to wonderful adventure stories while learning about another time period.

City of Los Angeles Councilwomen: Pat Russell, Peggy Stevenson, Joy Picus, Joan Milke Flores, and Gloria Molina

Last week we shared about the first three women to serve on the Los Angeles City Council.

Author Tracy Park and her zine, MomBlob's Guide to Giving Birth
Angi Brzycki, March 12, 2021

Tracy Park is a freelance animation producer, artist, and zinester who has been fortunate to call Los Angeles her home for the last 15 years. She is the proud daughter of Korean immigrants and the proud but exhausted mother of two spirited children.

The Compton Cowboys on horseback
Ednita Kelly, March 12, 2021

I remember the exact moment I learned about them. Black Cowboys. The tales and history have always been there, yet, it wasn’t until I was cycling in Palos Verdes as a child with my father that I learned about them.

Author Olivia Campbell and her first book, Women in White Coats
Daryl M., March 11, 2021

Olivia Campbell is a journalist and author specializing in medicine and women; her work has appeared in The Guardian and The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and The Cut, among others.

The Pastels, 1990s
Aaron M. Olson, March 10, 2021

Though instrumental in ushering in a new and lasting wave of Glaswegian independent music that would spawn such far-reaching alternative rock acts as The Vaselines, Teenage Fanclub,

Young girls working on a science project
Mona Gilbert, March 09, 2021

In the 21st century, a wide range of STEM-related opportunities are now available to explore. Additionally, children’s authors have created appealing stories and nonfiction selections that inspire emerging scientists.

City of Los Angeles Councilwomen: Estelle Lawton Lindsey, Rosalind Wyman and Harriett Davenport

Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to celebrate the women who have served as councilmembers of the Los Angeles City Council.