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kids and parents


Kids, teens planning a nature exploration in the neighborhood
Mona Gilbert, September 15, 2020

The health of Earth is in peril. What can children do to make an impact in the healing process? Kids can become “Earth Ambassadors,” which are mindful and purposeful consumers of earth’s resources.

Collage of bibliotherapeutic books for kids
Shanna Kim, September 10, 2020

The Los Angeles Public Library has excellent bibliotherapeutic resources for kids from birth to fifth grade!

Girl solving a mathematical problem on the blackboard
Mona Gilbert, September 08, 2020

“Most of the time I liked school and got good grades. In junior high, though, I hit a stumbling block with math - I used to come home and cry because of how frustrated I was!

Happy, laughing diverse tweens standing near a school bus
Mona Gilbert, September 01, 2020

“Friendships, just like relationships with parents and siblings, are never simple.”—excerpted from: Friends and Frenemies, by Jennifer Castle & Deborah Reber

Smiling, diverse kids walking side by side in a grassy playground
Mona Gilbert, August 24, 2020

Kindness involves an action, intent, and empathy towards another person. Most of all, the desire for kindness to others is, at its core, a learned behavior. Children learn how to be kind by being exposed to people exhibiting kind behavior.

Pics of nature around the neighborhood
Laura Duncan, August 05, 2020

For many families in Los Angeles, taking a socially-distanced stroll around the neighborhood has been a major activity over the past few months, a type of recreation that feels essential for our mental and physical health.

Lo nuevo en español para niños
Patricia Valdovinos, June 29, 2020

La Biblioteca Pública de Los Ángeles le ofrece los libros más leídos y más esperados para niños. Haz clic en cada título para verlo en nuestro catálogo. ¡No esperes y reserva tu copia hoy mismo!

Libros con un poquito de español
Laura Duncan, May 19, 2020

Hay tantos hispanohablantes en la ciudad de Los Ángeles que es fácil entender las ventajas de ser bilingüe. Muchas familias quieren introducir el español u otro idioma a sus niños pequeños, y la biblioteca tiene muchos recursos para ayudar con esta meta lingüística.

Storytime on demand graphic
Hillary St. George, May 06, 2020

I don’t know about you, but receiving all these helpful links and websites sent from moms groups and Facebook pages and fellow co-workers who are probably much better parents than I is enough to make my head explode.

Books to help children learn Spanish
Laura Duncan, April 28, 2020

Los Angeles is a city of many Spanish speakers, and it’s easy to see the advantages of being bilingual. Some parents want to introduce their children to speaking Spanish or another language at a young age.