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Author Paul Cornell and his book series, Witches of Lychford
Daryl M., January 14, 2021

Paul Cornell is a writer of science fiction and fantasy in prose, comics, and TV. He is one of only two people to be Hugo Award-nominated for all three media.

Author Michel Faber and his latest book, (A Tale of Two Worlds)
Daryl M., January 07, 2021

Michel Faber has written seven other books, including the highly acclaimed The Crimson Petal and the White,

Author Charlie N. Holmberg and her latest book, Spellbreaker
Daryl M., December 24, 2020

Charlie N. Holmberg is an award-winning, best-selling, and internationally published author of fantasy and romantic fiction. She was raised a Trekkie alongside three sisters, who also have boy names. She is a proud BYU alumna, plays the ukulele, owns too many pairs of glasses, and finally adopted a dog.

Author P. Djèlí Clark and his latest book, Ring Shout
Daryl M., December 17, 2020

Phenderson Djéli Clark is the award-winning and Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy nominated author of the novellas The Black God’s Drums and

Author David Gerrold and his latest book, Hella
Daryl M., December 10, 2020

David Gerrold has been writing professionally for half a century. He created the tribbles for Star Trek and the Sleestaks for Land of the Lost.

Author and screenwriter, Simon Stephenson and his latest book, Set My Heart to Five
Daryl M., December 03, 2020

Simon Stephenson is an author and screenwriter (and once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away he was a medical doctor). He is originally from Edinburgh in Scotland but currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Freelance journalist, Stuart Turton and his latest book, The Devil and the Dark Water
Daryl M., November 24, 2020

Stuart Turton is a freelance journalist who lives in West London with his wife. Stuart is not to be trusted—in the nicest possible way.

Astronomy professor, Emily Levesque and her first popular science book, The Last Stargazers
Daryl M., November 19, 2020

Emily Levesque is an astronomy professor at the University of Washington. She has observed for upward of fifty nights on many of the planet’s largest telescopes and flown over the Antarctic stratosphere in an experimental aircraft for her research.

Author Alex Pavesi and his first novel, The Eighth Detective
Daryl M., November 05, 2020

Alex Pavesi is a former bookseller for Waterstones. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and is currently a software engineer for Microsoft in London.