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california history


Collage of selected books winning the Beatty Award
Christina Y., February 24, 2023

Books take readers on a journey. It is often the lure of exploration that prompts readers to bury their noses in the pages of a novel or, instead, nowadays, bury themselves in the glow of a tablet's screen. Do we long so much for the new and far that we forget stories abound even within our own backyards?

Serena and Venus Williams in 1993 with a tennis court behind them
Kadie Seitz, June 03, 2022

California Nouns: People, Places, and Things
Serena and Venus Williams

Julius Levitt is pictured on this coloring page in front of Breed Street Shul
Vi Ha, May 17, 2022

Julius Levitt (1885–1952) was a promoter of Yiddish culture and a community activist, most importantly through the Jewish Labor Committee (JLC) to bring attention to the horrors of Nazism throughout the world.

Children at the beach with floatie toys
Kadie Seitz, April 19, 2022

California Nouns: People, Places, and Things
Beaches & Oceans

Children eating lunch b & w photo from 1983
Kadie Seitz, March 01, 2022

California Nouns: People, Places, and Things
California Food Culture

Japanese family gather beside an automobile at Wawona Tree in Yosemite National Park
Kadie Seitz, February 22, 2022

California Nouns: People, Places, and Things
Big Trees

Tourists viewing Badwater in Death Valley from their car
Kadie Seitz, February 10, 2022

California Nouns: People, Places, and Things

Cartograph of Southern California by Ruth Taylor White
Glen Creason, March 26, 2021

After admiring her maps for several decades I began to ponder why the great Ruth Taylor White does not have a place in Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers or even a Wikipedia page. After all, she must be considered at the top of popular cartographers with few peers amongst pictorial mapmakers.

Collage of children's books about California
Sara Rebman, May 13, 2020

California, the golden state, has always inspired people. Over the years movies have been made, songs have been recorded, and books written. But are there any children’s books about our fair state?

Janos Xantus in front of his sketch from his journal
Nicholas Beyelia, September 25, 2018

A number of travelogues have been written about Los Angeles throughout the decades with a myriad of opinions on the cultural and social climate of the city. The City of Angels has been both praised and reviled in equal measures, but there is no question that it always leaves a lasting impression.