Octavia Lab Freegal Playlists: Listen While You Work

Amanda Mellor, Administrative Clerk, Octavia Lab,
Octavia staff playlists
Lab staff made playlists to motivate each other and you

Over the past month, the Octavia Lab, the do-it-yourself makerspace at Central Library, has transformed itself into a light manufacturing center making face shields for the local medical community combating the coronavirus.

Also during this past month, in order to keep morale up, Lab staff members, stationed at home who are part of the Logistics team and the Communications team, have been exploring the musical possibilities on Freegal, an electronic resource where, with just your library card, you can stream music and download up to 5 free songs per month. One of the coolest Freegal features is the ability to make playlists! Lab staff have made three playlists to motivate each other and also, for you to enjoy, ranging from staff favorites to songs to build face shields to and then, finally, songs about faces!

First up, get to know the staff a little better by finding out some of their favorite songs, which are as eclectic as the staff who call Octavia Lab home. There is an Easter egg hidden in this playlist so have fun figuring out what it is! No, it isn’t the inexplicable time-traveling live concert at the beginning featuring Joy Division, the Talking Heads, and Steely Dan.

Book cover for Songs for Building Face Masks
Songs for Building Face Masks
Octavia Lab DJs

Next, are some songs that help staff get into the groove of assembling the 3D printed pieces, plastic shield material, and elastic. The playlist includes songs by electronic pioneers Raymond Scott and Bruce Haack, songs of perseverance by Lee Dorsey and The Clash, songs that are chill from Harry Nilsson and Blockhead, and songs that invigorate from Earth, Wind & Fire.

Book cover for Octavia Lab Staff Favorites
Octavia Lab Staff Favorites
Octavia Lab Staff

Finally, since Lab staff are making face shields, why not compile some songs featuring faces? Face it, you are curious what could be on this playlist. You’re in luck because included are some sweet duets, songs with dolphins, jazz, funk, country, 80s pop, Delta blues, and Swedish death metal. Did I mention the dueling instrumental renditions of a Broadway hit? And much more!

Book cover for Songs About Faces
Songs About Faces
Octavia Lab Crew