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What’s Your Resolution? 2024

Tina Lernø, Librarian, Digital Content Team,
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January is the month for resolutions: making, revising, and keeping them! And what better way to kick off 2024 than with a list of goals for the new year.

I did some research, combined a few lists, added some of my personal goals, and put together the most common resolutions. Also, this is the Library, so we've included a list of new books and media that should help folks reach their goals!

  • Improve Mental Health: The Library has numerous books on this and similar topics. Use "Improve Mental Health" as your search term, and check out our Health Matters page for loads of helpful information. Libby has a great selection of fitness magazines as well for hitting all your personal goals.
  • Exercise More: California is home to numerous National Parks with a wide variety of intriguing flora and fauna. Check out a Parks Pass today, and remember to stretch before a workout!
  • Improve Fitness: Los Angeles has some amazing walking trails and paths, from easy to insane. We also have some excellent fitness programs to try at various branch locations.
  • Improve Finances: Look to our financial literacy hub for all kinds of information about managing your money, or lack thereof.
  • Eating Healthier: With our world-class cookbook collection and numerous healthy eating programs, you're sure to learn something new and delicious to eat for a healthier you.
  • Improve Work-Life Balance: Try "work-life balance" as a search term, and see what comes up for you. The Library also has many wellness classes at our branches, such as mindful meditation and yoga for everyone.
  • Travel More: Whether it's travelling the world, or your own backyard we got you covered. L.A. is home to many cool places that are just a bus, car, or train ride away. And... reading fiction is also a fun way to see the world without leaving your home.
  • Learn Something New: With Linked-in learning you can learn anything from Adobe Preimer to decorating a cake, as well as loads of videos on our YouTube Channel and other learning opportunities. If in-person events are more your style, we have programs throughout L.A. with opportunities to learn a bit of history or crafting up something.
  • Read More: Well this just goes without saying! We've got book lists galore if you don't know where to start, book clubs, and if you have littles in your household, we've got storytimes and reading programs such as BARK read to a dog, and our Star Readers. Reading also means audiobooks, and LAPL has an amazing selection though Libby, as well as hoopla (with no holds titles)
  • Spend More Time With Family: The Library is a terrific place to go with your family. Watch a performance, make a craft, enjoy a movie!

and from my own personal list...

  • Stop being afraid of an Artificial Intelligence takeover and learn to love robots! This may be tough. Still, the Library is here to help.
  • Plant a garden: So many programs about planting and caring for a garden no matter if you're a novice or self-named expert.
  • Digitize my photo collection: This will be no easy feat, but at least easier with the Octavia Lab and the Memory Lab. I can finally watch my dance recital from first grade!
  • Write more blog posts. I love writing about my favorite place to be: the Library, and of course, the best city in the world, Los Angeles!

Best Books for New Beginnings

Book cover of Enchantment : awakening wonder in an anxious age
Enchantment: Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age
May, Katherine

Book cover of Set boundaries, find peace : a guide to reclaiming yourself
Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself
Tawwab, Nedra Glover

Book cover of Burnout : the secret to unlocking the stress cycle
Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle
Nagoski, Emily

Book cover of The World Central Kitchen cookbook : feeding humanity, feeding hope
The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope
Andrés, José

Book cover of Asada : the art of Mexican-style grilling
Asada: The Art of Mexican-style Grilling
Lopez, Bricia

Book cover of Mayumu: Filipino American desserts remixed
Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed
Balingit, Abi

Book cover of Roar : match your food and fitness to your unique female physiology for optimum performance, great h
Roar: Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology
Sims, Stacy T.

Book cover of Quantum body : the new science of living a longer, healthier, more vital life
Quantum Body: The New Science of Living a Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life
Chopra, Deepak

Book cover of The choice point : the scientifically proven method to push past mental walls and achieve your goals
The Choice Point: The Scientifically Proven Method to Push Past Mental Walls and Achieve Your Goals
Grover, Joanna

Book cover of Break the cycle : a guide to healing intergenerational trauma
Break the Cycle: A Guide to Healing Intergenerational Trauma
Buqué, Mariel

Book cover of Be seen : find your voice, build your brand, live your dream
Be Seen: Find Your Voice, Build Your Brand, Live Your Dream
Gottlieb, Jen