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Author Terry J. Benton-Walker and his anthology The White Guy Dies First
Daryl M., July 11, 2024

Terry J. Benton-Walker grew up in rural GA and now lives in Atlanta with his husband and son, where he writes fantasy and horror for adults, young adults, and children.

Author Rob Costello and his short story collection, The Dancing Bears: Queer Fables for the End Times
Daryl M., June 27, 2024

Rob Costello (he/him) writes contemporary and speculative fiction with a queer bent for and about young people.

Author Meg Shaffer and her latest novel, That Night in the Library
Daryl M., June 20, 2024

Eva Jurczyk is a writer and librarian living in Toronto. She has written for Jezebel, The Awl, The Rumpus, and Publishers Weekly.

Author Juli Min and her first novel, Shanghailanders
Daryl M., June 06, 2024

Juli Min is a writer and editor based in Shanghai. She studied Russian and comparative literature at Harvard University, and she holds an MFA in fiction from Warren Wilson.

Author Sara Nisha Adams and her latest novel, The Twilight Garden
Daryl M., May 30, 2024

Sara Nisha Adams is a writer and editor. She lives in London and was born in Hertfordshire to Indian-Kenyan and English parents.

Authors John Shen Yen Nee and SJ Rozan and their novel, The Murder of Mr. Ma
Daryl M., May 23, 2024

John Shen Yen Nee is a half-Chinese, half Scottish American media executive, producer and entrepreneur who was born in Knoxville, grew up in San Diego and is now based in Los Angeles, with a penchant for very l

Author Douglas Westerbeke and his latest book, A Short Walk Through a Wide World
Daryl M., May 16, 2024

Douglas Westerbeke is a librarian who lives in Ohio and works at one of the largest libraries in the US.

Author Christina Estes and her debut novel, Off the Air
Daryl M., April 18, 2024

Christina Estes is an award-winning reporter who has spent more than 20 years covering crime, public policy, and business in Phoenix, Arizona.

Author Jacqueline Holland and her latest novel, The Mystery Writer
Daryl M., April 11, 2024

After setting out to study astrophysics, graduating in law and then abandoning her legal career to write books, Sulari Gentill now grows French black truffles on her farm in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of Au