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Read It First! Movie Adaptations in Theaters This Month

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
Collage of films and their adapted books

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times—the book was better! There's nothing like debating the differences between a favorite book and its translation to the screen. But if you don't know your beloved series is coming out as a movie or that the fun-looking preview you saw was adapted from a book, how can you join the debate? The library is here to the rescue! Here, we will be exploring the movie adaptations soon to hit screens big and small and give you the chance to read before you view.

Coming This May

Book cover of Dark matter : a novel
Dark Matter
Crouch, Blake

When Jason Dessen, a happily married college professor, is knocked unconscious and abducted on his evening walk, he wakes up to find himself in an alternate universe. In this new world, Jason is a genius who has achieved the seemingly impossible. But there is no family, no happy home waiting for him here. How can he find his way back to his own world when everything seems to conspire to keep him in this new one? Starring Jennifer Connelly and Joel Edgerton, the television series adaptation of Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter will premiere on Apple TV+ on May 8, 2024.

Book cover of Robot dreams
Robot Dreams
Varon, Sara

Sara Varon’s wordless graphic novel, Robot Dreams, tells the story of a dog, a robot, and the dichotomous fragility and power of friendship. After his best friend Robot is stuck in the sand, Dog must leave him at the beach and go on with his life. But neither Dog nor Robot can forget each other and what their friendship has meant. The Spanish-French animated film adaptation will show in theaters starting May 31, 2024.

Book cover of Dragon keeper
Dragon Keeper
Wilkinson, Carole

During the Han Dynasty in ancient China, young orphan Ping is enslaved by the emperor, helping the Imperial Dragon caretaker. When the emperor orders the last remaining dragon killed, Ping helps him escape and becomes his unlikely protector. Pursued by a dragon hunter, the two make a thrilling journey across China to find and save a precious stone. Starring the vocal talents of Bill Nighy and Bill Bailey, the animated adaptation of Carole Wilkinson’s Dragon Keeper will premiere in theaters on May 3, 2024.