Pictorial Map of Mexico

Glen Creason, Librarian III, History & Genealogy Department,
Pictorial Map of Mexico, Fischgrind Publishing, Cartographer Miguel Gomez Medina, 1931

This masterpiece of pictorial mapping is an original from the earliest printings of the famed Fischgrind Publishing house and one of the mysterious Miguel Gomez Medina’s greatest works. The map is brimming with Mexican folkways, history and accurate geography along with an introduction in the upper right corner by William H. Prescott, the esteemed historian and hispanist of the period.

While the map is much sought after, both in original form and reprints done in the 1950’s, little is known about Señor Medina who continued to make colorful maps into the 1960’s. The beautiful colored lithograph was handed out gratis at the Hotel Geneve in Mexico City. English language research has revealed nothing about the artist and any information about him would be of interest to our map librarian. 

Map of Mexico with inset historical and cultural drawings, music, and text in Spanish and English.
Pictorial Map of Mexico, Fischgrind Publishing, Cartographer Miguel Gomez Medina, 1931.

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