Let the Library Cast Its Spell On You

Russell Garrigan, Librarian, Teen'Scape,
The picture of Magic Castle, Hollywood

Do you believe in magic? While Disney may have the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood has the Magic Castle. It’s there that some of the best magicians in the world perform and where they also mentor aspiring young adult magicians in the Academy of Magical Arts. More than 3,000 magicians have gone through the program, many of them library cardholders. The Magic Castle, among its resources, offers “junior” magicians access to the Magic Castle’s library, where they can peruse the tomes donated by the likes of Harry Houdini and W.C. Fields, among other magicians. LAPL offers over 600 items for aspiring magicians in a variety of formats, such as books and DVDs. Visit your local LAPL branch and let it cast its spell on you.

Consider this selection of books on magic to start with:

Stunts, Puzzles and Stage Illusions by Nicholas Einhorn. (793.5 E E35-5). Stunts, puzzles, and stage illusions all spark the same question in friends, family, and audience members: how can the seemingly impossible actually happen before their eyes? This book presents a variety of tricks-such as levitating a human-that are sure to baffle and entertain others. Young people who want to perform the feats of Harry Houdini or David Blaine will get a good start by reading this book.

Modern Coin Magic. (793.5 B663 1982).  The most complete treatise on sleight-of-hand coin conjuring, including the best traditional methods and modern innovations. Guides you systematically from basic techniques through integrated tricks to complete routine acts, 18 in all. 510 clear illustrations by Nelson C. Hahne. The best manual for amateurs, an encyclopedic source for professionals.

The Magician’s Reflection: A Complete Guide to Creating Magical Symbols & Systems. (133.4 W581). For thousands of years, master magicians, shamans, and priests have created powerful symbols to focus their will and accomplish their desires. Now you, too, can create magical systems tailored to your own personal needs. The Magician's Reflection, the companion volume to The Magician's Companion, shows you how to make magical symbol systems and use them for self-development, creativity, and success.