Elevate Your Writing Beyond Word Processing With Pressbooks

Phoebe Swan Guiot, Senior Librarian, Acquisitions,
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Are you an author who has meticulously crafted your book using a word processing program only to find the finished product could be better? Are you eager to showcase your work through online distributors or print-on-demand services but want to ensure your book has a polished and professional appearance?

Look no further than the Los Angeles Public Library! We are happy to offer our local authors free access to Pressbooks Public Self-Publishing Platform, a user-friendly online tool designed to help you assemble professional, high-quality versions of your book in e-book or print file formats. With this intuitive tool, you can create an appealing layout with chapter headings, page numbers, forwards, and a comprehensive table of contents formatted using a variety of themes provided by Pressbooks. You can include ISBN and copyright information, ensuring your book is retail-ready.

Once your book is precisely how you envision it, you can export it in your preferred file format free of charge! The file is yours to keep for commercial distribution or personal use. We encourage you to consider uploading your EPUB file to our Indie Author Project platform, allowing the Los Angeles Public Library to add your title to our library’s collection!