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Witches, Magic and Manga! / 魔女と魔法とマンガ!

October 23, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner, are you getting excited? Halloween is a very popular holiday in Japan these days with people observing all the traditions of wearing costumes and handing out candy for the children’s trick or treating night.

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Manga Lovers Unite! Travel Edition / マンガラバーズ団結せよ!~ 旅とマンガと~

August 13, 2018

Summer vacation is almost over, and it will soon be time to go back to school. Did you enjoy the Summer Reading Challenge? Did you complete it? For me, reading lots of fun books, and having lots of fun experiences, makes for a nice summer, don't you agree?

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Manga Lovers Unite! LQBTQIA Titles / マンガラバーズ団結せよ!LQBTQIA編

June 15, 2018

LGBTQ themes are not foreign to the manga universe, and in fact, have been around for decades. The most widely read genres of LGBTQ manga are “Boy’s Love” (BL) and “Girl’s Love” (GL). The Japanese express these words in floral terms: “Bara” (Roses) for BL, and “Yuri” (Lilies) for GL.

manga titles with their book covers

Manga Lovers Unite! マンガラバーズ、団結せよ!

May 18, 2018

Are you a manga-lover? That’s good news because there are lots of new manga series being released in 2018. What a time to be alive! I’d like to introduce you, the manga-lover, to some new releases for this year: