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Steven Kilgore, Administrative Clerk, Special Collections & Digitization


Close-up of color-coding legend of Los Angeles neighborhoods

Los Angeles Land Covenants, Redlining; Creation and Effects

June 22, 2020

“Today I sketched the preliminary plans for a large country house which will be erected in one of the most beautiful residential districts in the world... Sometimes I have dreamed of living there. I could afford such a home.

Protesters in front of Pandora’s Box, Herald Examiner Collection, photo dated November 20, 1966

Pandora's Box

November 23, 2019

The Sunset Strip curfew riots, popularly known as the “hippie riots,” exploded on November 12, 1966 and lasted through December of 1966. The counterculture youth protest was a reaction to perceived authoritarian overreach, and an exercise in civil rights by Los Angeles youth.

Buried Treasures in the Periodical Stacks

May 20, 2013

Housing the best research collection of all public libraries west of Mississippi, Access Services of Central Library maintains, manages, and provides access to multitude of periodicals that date back to the Nineteenth Century.  Many varied and interesting photocopy requests for the rare items in our c