Marcia Melkonian, Young Adult Librarian III, Canoga Park Branch Library


comic of a mom standing away from her husband and child. in pinks and blues

TLC: Teens Create a Domestic Violence Awareness Graphic Novel

December 21, 2021

During the stay-at-home pandemic order, it became evident that mental health was an increasingly problematic issue. Being sequestered in their homes, teens would also be impacted by events in their domestic sphere. During this time, a worldwide trend became prominent: an upward spike in domestic violence.

Pop art collage of Edgar Allan Poe

Canoga Park Teens Tell the Tell Tale Heart

April 30, 2021

The Canoga Park Friends of the Library sponsored an amazing collaborative among Connectopod (a non-profit organization that uses podcasting as a vehicle to develop youth leaders and to instill an understanding of multiple points of view), Mr.

group of teens at the Canoga Park Branch Library

What's Cookin' at Canoga Park?

October 21, 2019

Summer programming at your local library can mean lots different things to lots of different people. This past summer at the Canoga Park Branch Library, the teens not only served lunch to community youth (as part of the Summer Lunch program), but really thought about what’s involved when preparing food.