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Lorena Villegas, Young Adult Librarian, Cypress Park Branch Library


Assemblywomen Gloria Molina joins protesters opposed to $50-a-semester fee yesterday in an address to students at East Los Angeles Community College

Remembering Trailblazing L.A. Politician Gloria Molina

May 19, 2023

Los Angeles lost a rare, truly homegrown hero of the people this week. Our beloved Gloria Molina passed on May 14th after a battle with cancer.

Zine author, Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales and her zines, Lost Child, #5 and Resisting Capitalism for Fun, #4

Interview With Zine Maker - Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales

October 25, 2022

Laura-Marie River Victor Peace Nopales is a queer traveler. She enjoys ecstatic dance, art making, learning, ritual, and prayer. She’s been making zines since she was a young teenager. She enjoys fat liberation, singing, plant life, and guttermancy. Pleasure is her favorite way of experiencing God.

Zine author, Kelli Callis and her many zines

Interview With Zine Maker - Kelli Callis

October 04, 2022

Kelli Callis is a recovering riot grrrl and English teacher in the suburbs of L.A.

Zine author, John Dishwasher and his zine, Reuben the Guide

Interview With Zine Maker - John Dishwasher

September 26, 2022

John Dishwasher is a writer and zine maker based in Southern California's San Jacinto Valley. His Zine from the Future Describing the End of Civilization was named a finalist for Best Political Zine of 2021 by Broken Pencil Magazine.