Anytime, Anywhere: Comics & Graphic Novels 24/7

Eileen Ybarra, Librarian III, Electronic Resources,
close up of hands holding open a manga book

There are many ways of enjoying great stories and beautiful, engaging artwork—one of these ways is through reading graphic novels and comics. Both express a story with art—but while comics tend to extend the story over a series of issues, graphic novels tell an engaging story in a single book. Fortunately, comics & graphic novels can be enjoyed anytime you want from your electronic device. With OverDrive on the Libby app and hoopla digital, you can download graphic novels and comics to a smartphone, tablet or computer for easy reading. Downloading is free when you log on with your library card number and PIN. Below are some recommended graphic novels and comics for adults, young adults, and kids. Enjoy and happy reading.

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Recommended Reading

Graphic Novels for Kids

Chibi-Usagi: Attack of the Heebie Chibis
Sakai, Stan

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy
Hale, Nathan

Abigail and the Snowman
Langridge, Roger

Mercado, Yehudi

Mighty Jack
Hatke, Ben

New Kid
Craft, Jerry

Jordan is an African-American artistic seventh-grader who is sent to a private school with only a handful of minority kids. At its core, Jordan’s story is about navigating two different worlds of friends, which includes established friends and friends at his new school. Throughout the story, Jordan, his friends, and some teachers form impressions of each other based on misguided assumptions and biases. This well-crafted graphic novel was the first in the graphic novel genre to win the Newbery Award for excellence in children’s literature.

Wang, Jen

Can two people that are so different get along with each other? Christine and Moon are next-door neighbors who become the best of friends. Not only do they share their interests with each other, but their deepest secrets as well.

Graphic Novels for Teens

You Brought Me the Ocean
Sanchez, Alex

Wonder Twins, Vol. 1: Activate!
Russell, Mark

When Stars are Scattered
Jamieson, Victoria

The Oracle Code
Nijkamp, Marieke

The Magic Fish
Trung, Le Nguyen

The Low, Low Woods
Machado, Carmen Maria

The Girl From the Sea
Ostertag, Molly Knox

Superman Smashes the Klan
Yang, Gene Luen

Paper Girls: Volume 1
Vaughan, Brian K.

Graphic Novels for Adults

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir
Bui, Thi

Black Hammer, Vol 1: Visions
Lemire, Jeff

Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir
Feder, Tyler

Cyclopedia Exotica
Dhaliwal, Aminder

Andersen, Sarah

Y: The Last Man
Vaughan, Brian K.

Redbone: The True Story Of A Native American Rock Band
Staebler, Christian

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters: Vol 1
Ferris, Emil