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21st Century Kids: Giving DIY Gifts

Mona Gilbert, Children's Librarian, Northridge Branch Library,
Family making crafts with online tutorial
“Come right up close to me and I will show you something wonderful.”—Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach

Handmade gifts will always hold a special place in a receiver's heart. Parents save everything their child has made, and friends treasure special handmade gifts. Therefore, shopping at a busy mall is not the only way to spread holiday cheer. A variety of handicrafts and home bake goods offer alternatives to store-bought items and add a personal touch as well. The Los Angeles Public Library offers an abundance of books to make gifts for family and friends this holiday season.

“I am a maker.
I am making something new.
With my hands, my head, my heart,
That’s what makers do”
—Excerpted from the poem: Maker. With My Hands: Poems About Making Things, by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Crafty Books to Read

Stitch Camp: 18 Crafty Projects for Kids & Tweens
Blum, Nicole

Cards and Wrapping Paper
Storey, Rita

Crafty Gifts
Bull, Jane

Baking Class: 50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Bake!
Cook, Deanna F.

Stone Painting for Kids
Bac, F. Sehnaz

Fun and Easy Crafting With Recycled Materials
McLeod, Kimberly

Gifts in Jars: Homemade Cookie Mixes, Soup Mixes, Candles, Lotions, Teas, and More!
Wise, Natalie

Amazing Origami Gifts
Ives, Rob

Cool Knitting for Kids: A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Art
Kuskowski, Alex