Education - online continuing education courses

  • Education - online continuing education courses
    • Over 750 free online courses and 8,500 individual lectures from various universities including Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, and Yale with some journal access and information on majors.

    • edX

      Nine free classes, mostly in computer sciences, from Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley. Expect to spend 10 to 20 hours each week on courses that run from six weeks to six months. More will be added from other universities.

    • Over 3,100 educational videos on everything from Math, Science, Finance & Economics, Humanities, Test Preparation, and Talks & Interviews on hundreds of subjects. Learn at your own pace. This is a growing database.

    • Virtually all MIT OCW course content is open and available and is a permanent MIT activity.  Good resource for self-improvement and for college students who would like exta guidance through courses at their own institutions.  Can include online textbooks, exams, images, and sometimes video or audio clips.

    • Sixteen free online courses, including French, anatomy, psychology, biology, chemistry and statistics from the Carnegie-Mellon University. Includes practice activities, self-assessments and graded exercises, and can be completed at your own pace.

    • Sixteen free classes, mostly in computer science and mathematics. Instructors include professors from University of Virginia, Rutgers and Stanford, as well as experts from Google. Site was founded by Sebastian Thrun, Stanford robotics professor.