Teens of LA Film Fest | Categories

Book Trailer

A video teaser or preview that gives viewers a taste of a book's plot, setting, and tone without giving away any spoilers.

Documentary Short

A film that highlights cultural, social, scientific, or other nonfiction topics in a creative way. Uses a combination of observational footage, interviews, voice-overs, and other material such as photographs or archival footage to tell a true story.

A personal documentary that conveys the true lived experience of you, your friends, your family, or your community.

Experimental Short

A film that experiments with the filmmaking process either through editing, sound, non-traditional techniques, or abstract narratives. These are films that do not fit the traditional mold of another category, including films without dialog and/or storylines. Music videos are accepted in this category.

Live Action or Animated Short

A short film that tells a fictional story using believable characters, plots, and settings. Can be any genre (comedy, drama, action, horror, etc. Films submitted in this category can be live action or animated.

Micro Short

A tightly edited, one-minute long film. Micro movies can be any genre or category (live action, animated, experimental).

Public Service Announcement

An informational video that raises awareness about an important issue, often having to do with health and safety. PSAs are intended to help change behaviors and attitudes about social topics. PSAs often resemble commercials, but serve the public good rather than advertise products.