The Los Angeles Public Library helps connect residents who are experiencing homelessness with resources to help them transition to stable, independent or supported living. This site will help you find work, food, housing and many other helpful services near our library branches in the City of Los Angeles. WIN is a free app and mobile website that connects anyone who is homeless or struggling to find free resources and services. The Source events offer help in person.

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Wesley Health Centers - Mini Twelve Step House

  • Wesley Health Centers - Mini Twelve Step House

    303 E. 52nd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90011
    Phone: 323-918-2140
    Hotline: 866-733-5924 (Wesley Health Centers)
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Additional Phone Numbers
Admin: 323-918-2139


L.A. County Service Provider Area: 6

Mini Twelve Step House is a residential program for 18+ year old women, including pregnant women, or women with children under 6 years old (maximum 2 per family).  Call the Admin line and they will do a phone interview.

Staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week. Adminstrative hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Population Served: Children & Families, Women
Resource Categories: Services
General Resources: Health & Mental Health
Additional Offerings: Substance Abuse Services