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Intellectual Property Resources in Print and on Microfilm


Official U.S. Patent Office Publications



U.S. Patent Specifications and Drawings

1790 to Date

U.S. Design Patents

1842 to Date

U.S. Plant Patents



1931 to Date


1978 to Date

U.S. Official Gazette

1872 to Date

Index to U.S. Patent Classification


Manual of Classification


Classification Definitions

Revised to Date

Classification Listings

1790 to Date

Annual Index of Patents and Annual Report of the Commissioner

1790 to Date

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure


35 USC-Patents, Laws

Latest in Social Sciences Dept.

37 CFR-Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Latest copy in
Social Science Dept.

Patent Attorneys and Agents Registered


Patents Throughout the World



  International Patent Documents



Canadian Patents Abstracts

1911 to 1983, 1986 to 1999

European Patent Office Documents

1979 to 1994

Federal Rep. of Germany Patents

1975 to 1994

Federal Rep. of Germany Applications

1983 to 1994


1975 to 1994

United Kingdom Old Law Patents

1617 to 1981

United Kingdom New Law Applications

1979 to 1994


  Publications About Trademarks



Directory of U.S. Trademarks

1985 to Date

Trademark Register

1986 to Date

Annual Index of Trademarks

1927 to Date

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure


15 USC-Trademarks

Latest in Social Sciences Dept.

37 CFR-Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights

Latest in Social 
Science Dept.

Rules of Practice in Trademark Cases

Revised to date

Trademarks Throughout the World

Revised to Date

Trademark Reporter

1911 to Date


  U.S. Copyright Office Publications



Catalog of Copyright Entries

1871 to Latest

Copyright Circulars


Copyright Decisions

1789 to Latest

17 USC-Copyrights, Laws

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  Publications about International Copyrights



Copyright Laws and Treaties

Revised to Date

Copyright Bulletin (UNESCO)

1953 to Date


  Finding the patent class and subclass using print collections

  1. Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System (Ask for at Patents Desk) This is an alphabetical subject index to the Manual of Classification. Look up your invention using common terms describing its function, effect, end-product, structure, or use. Try to avoid brand names. Write down all relevant class and subclass numbers. Especially note if a subclass number has a "+" after it.
  2. Manual of Classification (Ask for at Patents Desk) This is a large two-volume set. Look up your class/subclass numbers in these books. The subclass numbers are not necessarily listed in numerical order. Take special notice of the dot indent. Revise your search strategy as needed.
  3. Classification Definitions (Search classifications through the USPTO web site). Read these definitions to establish the scope of classes and subclasses. These often provide search notes and suggestions for further search. Design classes do not have definitions.

  Finding the patents using print collections

  • Once you have identified the relevant classes and subclasses, obtain a list of all patent numbers granted from 1790 to the present and all published applications from 2001 to the present for every class and subclass to be searched.
  • The Official Gazette (Blue volumes on tall shelves near the Patents Desk) Starting in 1872, the Patent Office has published a weekly compilation of all patents issued. Take your list of patent numbers and check them against the summaries of the patents contained in the Official Gazettes. Take special note of inventions that you may wish to see more information about. The Official Gazette contains one drawing and one claim for every patent. Most patents will have 7 digit numbers; these are utility patents. Others will be 6 digits and be proceeded by a "D". These are design patents. Go to the volume of the Official Gazette that has the corresponding number listed on the spine. The most recent volumes are paperback.