An Interview With Best Selling Author John Katzenbach

Ana Campos, Principal Librarian, Central Library Services,
author John Katzenbach with librarian Ana Campos
Photo credit: Edgardo Montezuma

Every year our library sends a team of Spanish speaking librarians to the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico to purchase Spanish books. The selected books are new material from Mexican and Latin American publishing houses, most of which are difficult to find in the U.S. and are of high interest to our community. This year our team of librarians in addition to doing the book purchases, had the opportunity to interview three best selling authors. We start this segment with the U.S. best selling author John Katzenbach who is known for his psychological thrillers. The Hollywood films Hart’s War, Just Cause, and The Mean Season are based on three of his books. Watch the interview with John Katzenbach to learn more about his work.

Book cover for The Dead Student
The Dead Student
Katzenbach, John,

Book cover for In the Heat of the Summer
In the Heat of the Summer
Katzenbach, John.

Book cover for What Comes Next
What Comes Next
Katzenbach, John.

Book cover for The Wrong Man
The Wrong Man
Katzenbach, John.