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Eating Healthy, Makes Me Happy

Guest Blogger,
Volunteers during summer lunch program

Healthy food choices for kids, teens, and caregivers is an important part of creating a well-balanced school year and family life. Families that eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle together can help one another explore new foods, create new memories while preparing meals, and stay on track with their goals. Motivating kids to be nutritious and healthy in the upcoming school year can help their ability to function in school. Studies show that healthy eating increases concentration and school performance.

Childhood nutrition is one of the most important fundamentals in a growing child’s life. Health and wellness should be just as important as playing outside on the playground or coloring in their favorite coloring book. The purpose of eating healthy and staying active is to make sure one receives all of their nutrients, energy, and fibers. A child’s healthy lifestyle and diet should provide a significant amount of energy for mental and physical development and growth all while preventing excessive weight gain.

Do not force foods on children, it takes the average child at least twenty times to get comfortable with a new food. Try putting little by little on their plates or improvise in an exciting way for them to try a new food. Overall, let’s introduce a new lifestyle in a very nurturing and respectful way.

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Written by Symmon'e Scott

LAPL's Diversity and Inclusion Apprenticeship is a paid, summer-long mentored learning experience that introduces emergent college students from diverse backgrounds to multiple facets of library life, from administration to programming to user services. The Apprenticeship program consists of: An orientation to the library through a Master Class series, mentoring, journaling, a capstone community-based project, work experience, field trips, and peer engagement. Symmon'e Scott was one of 8 apprentices to participate in this summer's 10-week apprenticeship program. She is entering her junior year at Tuskegee University in the fall.

—Diane Garcia, children's librarian, Los Feliz Branch Library & Morya Morrone, young adult librarian, Cahuenga Branch Library