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These podcasts are recorded live in Los Angeles Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium as part of the award-winning ALOUD at Central Library speaker series presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. ALOUD podcasts are updated on a weekly basis. Initial funding for ALOUD podcasts was made possible by Arent Fox LLP.


Norton Anthology of World Religions book cover
Reza Aslan, Jack Miles, Sharon Brous
November 20, 2014
History/Bio, Religion/Spirituality
Sarah Thornton
Sarah Thornton, Allison Agsten
November 13, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Wonder Woman wearing glasses
Jill Lepore, Alex Cohen
November 12, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio
Rachel Kushner and Colm Tóibín
Rachel Kushner, Colm Tóibín
November 6, 2014
Marilynne Robinson
Marilynne Robinson, Michael Silverblatt
November 5, 2014
Fiction/Literature, Religion/Spirituality
David Finkel and Albert Rizzo
David Finkel, Albert Rizzo, Tom Curwen
October 27, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Current Events, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Poetry, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics, Technology
black hoodie, just the hood
Claudia Rankine, Robin Coste Lewis, Maggie Nelson
October 23, 2014
California/The West, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, Poetry, Social Sci/Politics
enoumous gathering of people in a city square as seen from above
Mike Shuster, Adam Michnik, Yasmine El Rashidi
October 21, 2014
Current Events, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Religion/Spirituality, Social Sci/Politics
Héctor Tobar
Héctor Tobar, Jesse Katz
October 16, 2014
Business/Tech, Current Events, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Science/Nature, Technology
Author John Lahr
John Lahr, Armistead Maupin
October 7, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio
Zachary Mason and Molly Pulda
Zachary Mason, Madeline Miller, Molly Pulda
October 2, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Poetry
vintage b&w photo of ladies in a car with a sign that read La Donna Harris, Indian of the year
Lourdes Grobet, Julianna Brannum, Yolanda Cruz
September 30, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, California/The West, Essay/Memoir, History/Bio, Religion/Spirituality, Social Sci/Politics
Charles M. Blow and Robin Coste Lewis
Charles M. Blow, Jesmyn Ward, Robin Coste Lewis
September 25, 2014
Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Social Sci/Politics
Vincent Medina
Malcolm Margolin, Kim Bancroft, Vincent Medina
September 17, 2014
California/The West, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics
Diane Ackerman
Diane Ackerman, Amy Parish
September 15, 2014
Business/Tech, Science/Nature
James Ellroy
James Ellroy, Walter Kirn
September 9, 2014
California/The West, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio
Eric Liu
Eric Liu, Gregory Rodriguez
July 30, 2014
Essay/Memoir, History/Bio, Others
danah boyd
danah boyd, Henry Jenkins
July 29, 2014
Current Events, Social Sci/Politics, Technology
Francisco Goldman
Francisco Goldman, Rubén Martínez
July 17, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
odler man kissing a parrot
Laurel Braitman, Kathryn Bowers, Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, Sanden Totten
July 10, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, Others, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics
Letters to ONE: Gay and Lesbian Voices in the 1950s and 1960s
Zsa Zsa Gershick, Dalila Ali Rajah, Hunter Lee Hughes, Paul Jacek, Beverly Mickins, Craig M. Loftin
June 28, 2014
Essay/Memoir, History/Bio, Social Sci/Politics
Geoff Dyer
Geoff Dyer, Howard A. Rodman
June 26, 2014
Biography, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Denis Johnson
Denis Johnson, Darrell Larson, Cedering Fox, Christina Avila, John Heard, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jan Munroe, Jeff Perry, David Call, Angela Paton, Jason Ritter, Brenda Strong
June 23, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, Others, Religion/Spirituality
Michelle Huneven and Mona Simpson
Michelle Huneven, Mona Simpson, Christopher Bollas
June 18, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics
Michael Silverblatt
Edward St. Aubyn, Michael Silverblatt
June 3, 2014
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature