Stanley Kubrick - A Life in Film

On Display Through June 29th, 2013.

The exhibit STANLEY KUBRICK – A LIFE IN FILM displays a small collection of poster and still-photography images from the director's work in a visual art form that he described as “a non-verbal experience.”  While the core of his art presented a sustained exploration of humanity, the stories that he explored in his films varied challenging the viewer to reflect on the unexpected and ponder the uncertainty of the journey.

Whether viewing his symbolic use of red, exploring the universe through recent and historic images from the NASA archives, or listening to the musical themes of 2001, we invite you to pause, pull up an arm chair, pore over the books that accompany the exhibit, visit the paintings that influenced the sets in Barry Lyndon, read the photo-diary of an actor from Full Metal Jacket, or return to Nabokov's Lolita to begin decoding your impressions of this extraordinary film-maker.

Kubrick's films, including thirteen full-length, provide us with provocative, visionary art that with each encounter challenge us to continue the discourse.