Soup for Syria : recipes to celebrate our shared humanity

This book evolved out of trips made by writer and photographer Barbara Abdeni Massaad to Syrian refugee camps forty-five minutes from her apartment in the Bekka Valley, Lebanon. At least once a week, during the winter of 2014-2015, she put food in the trunk of her car for numerous refugee camps in Lebanon. There were many who shared her dismay and concern for 3.8 million people who have been displaced throughout the region and live in temporary camps, in need of food and shelter. She enlisted the help of world food writers, chefs and others who love to cook. Everyone contributed recipes for soup, which can be one of the most basic and complete meals. Many of them added comments on food, family, and the conditions of hungry people throughout the world.  The book begins with basic stocks: fish, chicken, beef, and vegetable and corn. The book then opens up the world of soup with recipes ready for the making.

With full-page photographs of people and food, a beautiful cookbook has been marshalled forth to promote a needy cause.  Working with Interlink Press, the profits of the cookbook project “ . . .  will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR to provide urgently needed food relief for Syrian refugees.” And for those who want to get involved in a personal way, click here.