Green screen in the Octavia Lab


The Photography room is isolated from the rest of the lab and is ideal for portraits and product photography. Please note, the space is strictly for digital photography, the Octavia Lab does not have a dark room, or any of the associated equipment. Lab members will have access to DSLR cameras, and a small selection of lighting and backdrops. Lab members may use/reserve the photography room for a single two hour session each day.

How does it work?

Green screen photography requires that you have a backdrop image, a camera, and green screen keying software. Our iPad comes with a green screen app installed. Lab members who wish to use our DSLR cameras for green screen images or video will need to reserve a separate session on a station with the appropriate software. Talk to lab staff for more details.

How much does it cost?

Access to the lab’s software/equipment/tools is free, but limited to lab members only. Lab membership is free.

What do I need to bring?

If you intend to use the green screen, you may bring backdrop images in JPG, or PNG format. It is recommended that lab members bring a storage device to save their projects. All lab computer hard drives are wiped between each session to ensure patron privacy. The size of the storage device you bring is up to you. Most lab projects will fit on a standard flash drive. Be advised that some video projects may require a large capacity external hard drive. If you do bring your own storage device, please make sure that it is formatted properly. If you have any questions regarding which drive formatting will work best for your project, please contact the lab.


  • iPad
  • Manfrotto Panoramic Backdrop Kit (7.5’ x 10’): Green, Black, or White backdrop (by request)
  • GVM G100W Bi-Color LED Video Light Kit with Lantern Softbox
  • Light stands

Tools (by request)

  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II DSLR Camera
  • Dracast LED lights
  • MyStudio MS32 Tabletop Photo Studio Kit
  • Glide Gear OH 150 Modular Overhead Camera/Light Rig


Green Screen App (iPad only)