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3D Scanner

A 3D scanner device.

3D Scanner

Lab members can use our 3D scanner to scan a variety of objects to create digital assets or to 3d print.

How does it work?

Lab members who are interested in using the 3d scanning equipment will need to bring the object they wish to scan, as well as an external storage device to save their project.

  • Your object shouldn't be transparent, shiny or reflective like a mirror, a glass or stainless steel. You can use spray scan, paint (washable or not) or other powder (Foot spray, Dry shampoo, Deodorant powder sprays, Talcum powder) to make your object matte. Lab members will be responsible for purchasing their own supplies. Lab members will be responsible for cleaning any and all particulates. The Octavia Lab does not have access to a sink, so select your supplies with that in mind. Lab members must clear usage of any and all particulates with lab staff prior to use.
  • If your object is soft you may not be able to scan the whole object because it will deform when you move it.
  • Your object should be rich in geometry or texture. If not you will need to use markers (apply directly on large objects or around small objects) so the scan will be able to track the movement.

How much does it cost?

Access to the lab’s software/equipment/tools is free, but limited to lab members only. Lab membership is free.




Afinia Einstar Handheld 3D Scanner

Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop