What's in a Name? Acrostic Poems by Library Staff

Christa Deitrick, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
Colorful graphic of ccrostic poems words
Acrostic Poems by Library Staff

At long last, here is the first batch of acrostic poems written by Los Angeles Public Library staff members. They are as charming and unique as the individuals that penned them. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next two installments!

Herbie the dog takes a nap with his tongue sticking out.

H e sleeps for 20 hours out of every 24
E ats everything in sight without using knife or fork
R uns around the yard like a small, short-legged steed
B arks at birds and squirrels and the doorbell on TV
I s famous for the splendid ways he poses his front paws
E veryone agrees that he is one cute wiener dog!

Philip sits at his desk at the library clutching a stuffed tiger.

P ugnacious
H irsute
I mpetuous
L oquacious
I llaudible
P atriarchy smasher

Kathleen holds an armful of books because she loves to read.

K een
A pproachable
T houghtful
H ard working
L ikeable
E mpathic
E ccentric
N ice

A surgical mask reminds us of the challenges of COVID.

C an’t we all find a way to fight
O rchestrated propaganda by politicians so that
V iral loads don’t take down our populace and further spread
I nequities in our system. Let’s come together to
D efeat misinformation!

Tocina the pot-bellied pig trots in front of a hen.

T hought pot bellied piglet was a boy, turns out it’s a girl
O ut of nowhere she squeezed under a fence onto our land
C haos ensued when put with chickens, ducks and goats, line was drawn
I gloo house and blanket in her new stall she loved
N ever wanted a pig, posted flyers and husband removed and she stayed
A mazed how clean she kept her space, loved her in the end, this sweet thing!

Nina displays the pretty bracelets that have cheered her up during the pandemic.

N ice that I now own a wraparound bracelet -
I n times of COVID-19, indulging can ease my mind.
N ew bangles really help lessen the frustration,
A s I go check on Amazon for another good find.

A shirt and bowtie represent David’s fine characteristics.

D evoted
A ffable
V oluble
I ntellectual
D urable

Birdie the long-haired dachshund displays her adorable face.

B arks until you play with her
I gnores when you call her name
R efuses to share
D estroyer of toys
I nsists on being carried, instead of walking
E xcited to meet everyone (especially kids)

Planet earth in the night sky represents Nevenka’s love of nature and night.

N ervy
E cologically-minded
V ermonter
E arth loving
N octurnal
K ind or Kwerky LOL
A rtist

Christina smiles beneath a heart-shaped sun representing her dreams of love.

C hasing dreams
H idden in memory
R unning from the past
I ntrinsically missing the point
S taring at the sun
T rying to remember when
I nspiration drove dreams
N ot longing but
A strong desire for love.

Larry the cat wears a jaunty hat and licks his upper lip.

L ooney
A dventurous
R idiculous
R ambunctious
Y appy (he was quite a talkative cat)

Figaro the cat stares out of a golden frame with his piercing eyes.

F aithfully a misfit
I rritatingly appealing
G arrulously bold
A rrogantly proud
R idiculously roguish
O verwhelmingly obstinate

Look for these poems (and so much more!) on the Literature & Fiction Department’s Instagram page. See you soon with more awesome acrostics!