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Children’s Books with Cattitude

Caitlin Quinn, Children's Librarian, Eagle Rock Branch Library,
8 book covers of cats

Cats and good story telling go together like, well, bagels and cream cheese. Children’s book authors and illustrators know this, resulting in no shortage of stories starring some adorable, clever, and often mischievous furry friends. If you participated in our 2019 Summer Reading Challenge, you’ll recognize the art of Zachariah Ohora in Niblet & Ralph. In this story, two almost-identical calicos perform a Parent Trap-style apartment swap to get their respective human families together. Several books have won awards for their distinguished cattish illustrations: Black Cat, Kitten’s First Full Moon, Mr. Wuffles!, and They All Saw A Cat, to name just a few. Other books you can sing and strum along to—see sheet music on the back cover of Kat Writes a Song. Some of these cat tales might just bring tears to your eyes. Warning: Big Cat, Little Cat touches on feline life cycle and loss—keep tissues close at hand when reading.

These cat-tastic children’s books aren’t just for kids either. Cat whisperers, cat craft collectors, and self-identified crazy cat people—I’m talking to you! Here are just a few from the library’s collection for your purrrusal.


Sanchez Ibarzabal, Paloma

Bernstein, Galia

OHora, Zachariah

Ghahremani, Susie

Wiesner, David

Eaton, Jason Carter

Myers, Christopher A.