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21st Century Kids: Making Magic

Mona Gilbert, Children's Librarian, Northridge Branch Library,
A child magician making a stuff bunny disappear
“The real secret of magic lies in the performance”—David Copperfield

Magicians make the impossible possible; however, their illusions require extensive practice and skill. The magician’s secret is creating illusions that fool the human eye. This type of “magic,” differs from magic found in a fantasy novel, as it is the skill of the magician that brings the magic to life. The art of magicians and illusionists are explored by children’s authors in both fiction and nonfiction works. Here are some selections highlighting this exciting art form.

“Magic’s and art where you use sleight of hand or illusion to create wonder. And I was just intrigued with that idea.”—David Blaine

Magic Makers

Fooled Ya!
Brown, Jordan

The Amazing Harry Kellar: Great American Magician
Jarrow, Gail

Anything but Ordinary Addie
Rockliff, Mara

Big Magic for Little Hands
Jay, Joshua

The Magic Misfits
Harris, Neil Patrick

Super Jake & the King of Chaos
Milliner, Naomi

Abby Carnelia's One and Only Magical Power
Pogue, David

The Magician's Fire
Nicholson, Simon

Audacity Jones Steals the Show
Larson, Kirby

The Unbelievable Oliver and the Sawed-in-Half Dads: The Unbelievable Oliver Series, Book 2
Bosch, Pseudonymous